BeFIT - Benchmarking Facial Image Analysis Technologies

BeFIT – Benchmarking Facial Image Analysis Technologies – is an international collaborative effort on standardizing the evaluation of facial image analysis technologies. The objective is to bring together different face analysis evaluations and provide a medium for researchers to discuss about different aspects of face analysis. This interaction would also lead to new datasets or combination of existing datasets.

There have been benchmarking activities for some of the facial image analysis technologies, such as for face recognition and facial expression analysis. However, there are still some technologies, such as facial feature localization, face alignment, age, and gender classification that a standard evaluation scheme does not exist. Moreover, there is a significant benefit to have a common evaluation framework for different facial image analysis technologies since they all have influence on each other. To summarize, BeFIT’s contribution to the scientific community will be the following:

  • To propose and set evaluation schemes for the facial image analysis technologies those do not have a standard benchmark.
  • To bring together evaluations of different facial image analysis technologies.


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