BeFIT 2011 – First IEEE International Workshop on

Benchmarking Facial Image Analysis Technologies

In conjunction with the ICCV 2011, November 13, Barcelona, Spain

Proposed Challenges

Call for Challenges

BeFIT –Benchmarking Facial Image Analysis Technologies– is an international collaborative effort on standardizing the evaluation of facial image analysis technologies. The objective is to bring together different face analysis evaluations and provide a medium for researchers to discuss about different aspects of face analysis.

The BeFIT website is planned to serve as a repository of facial image analysis technologies benchmarks, and the regular workshops are intended to serve as a medium where the researchers can discuss about different aspects of face analysis. The first workshop will take place on the 13th of November 2011 in Barcelona, Spain in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2011).

The BeFIT covers face related research topics. Sample categories are:

  1. Face Detection and Tracking
    • Face Detection
    • Face Tracking
  2. Face Alignment
    • Facial Feature Localization
    • Face Alignment
  3. Face Image Enhancement
    • Super-resolution of Face Images
    • Image Quality Enhancement
    • Illumination Normalization
    • 3D Face Reconstruction from 2D View(s)
  4. Face Recognition
    • Open- / Close-set Face Identification / Watch List Screening
    • Face Verification / Face Re-Identification / Face Clustering
    • Video-based Face Recognition
    • High-resolution Face Recognition
    • 3D Face Recognition
  5. Face Attributes Analysis
    • Age Estimation
    • Gender Classification
    • Ethnicity Classification
    • Glasses, Mustache, Beard Detection
  6. Facial Expression Analysis
    • Action Unit Detection
    • Emotion Classification

The researchers are invited to propose original challenges with associated data and evaluation protocols. It is of particular interest to have challenges with realistic data, containing illumination and view variations. The proposed challenges will be published on the BeFIT website and the researchers working in the same field will have chance to provide feedbacks and suggestions to shape the proposed challenges.

The finalized challenges will be shared with the research community through the BeFIT website. The researchers are also encouraged to submit papers to the BeFIT workshop, describing in detail the challenge, the associated data and the evaluation protocol.

Submission: Please send the original challenge proposals in PDF file format to the organizers. Papers could be in any formatting style.
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